Covid-19 Updates

1. Definitions
In consideration of the COVID-19 virus pandemic Robert Wong Photography will take precautions relating to the Health & Safety of all customers and to minimise the risk of transfer of the virus.

At present, we are continuing to operate all commercial and advertising photography in our studio or on location where conditions are deemed safe to carry out the work.

With portraiture, models and fashion shoots we are operating these services at our studio and outdoor as normal to everyone. However, for studio session we are limiting to 10 people only. Customers are asked to wear a mask when they arrive and take off before the photo session. *Safety rules still applies.    

• To protect customers, Robert Wong Photography reserves the right to cancel or postpone any pre-booked photography service should it be deemed to have risk of transferring the COVID-19 virus. The cancellation would result in any pre-paid monies being returned to the customer.

• The customer should not attend any photoshoot should they have symptoms of COVID-19 or could be deemed at higher risk of having the virus due to their environmental situation.

• Robert Wong Photography will comply with Government legislation and regulations relating to COVID-19.

• Robert Wong cannot be held liable for any actions relating to the spread of COVID-19, which are out of our control or attempts to minimise the risk.

• The customer has the right to cancel the appointment should they be affected by COVID-19 or have concerns relating to it. A cancellation due to COVID-19 will not incur any of the penalties.

• All photoshoots with people will be taken from at least 2 metres away or further. PPE will be worn if necessary.